5 Tips For Choosing The Best Double Stroller For Your Kids

After nine months of pregnancy plus another three months of taking care of my little one, I was more than ready to resume regular exercise. I was craving for my usual morning runs. My only worry was that I now had a new training partner; little Sammy.

Since I was more determined than ever, I tagged little Sammy along in my jogging spree through a traditional baby stroller. That was a bad idea! The traditional stroller was not up to speed, it wasn’t comfortable enough and it did not provide an enjoyable experience for little Sammy. I went through a series of baby double stroller reviews before I finally landed on a double jogging stroller. I simply loved it: it offered me and my baby the highest level of comfort. What’s more is that it was large enough to even carry babies.

Double Stroller ReviewsFor an athletic parent, a double jogging stroller can prove to be a great device that allows you and your baby to involve in regular exercise routines. Unlike a regular stroller; a jogging stroller will keep your baby comfortable even on a bumpy road. It’s been designed to provide maximum comfort and security.

However; before you run out and just buy any double baby stroller, you need to understand that there quite a number of jogging strollers out there in the market. It is important to choose one that fits within your fitness routine and lifestyle. Listed below are 5 simple tips that will guide you into choosing the best double stroller for your baby.

Look for an Adjustable Double Stroller

A good jogging stroller should have an adjustable handle bar. This is a feature that allows one to adjust the stroller to a preferred height. If the handle bar is either too high or too low, it can result to poor running posture.

Another benefit of an adjustable handle bar is that it creates flexibility in terms of the person using the jogging stroller. If another family member has to take on the task of pushing the stroller, it can be easily adjusted to his or her height.

Look for Jogging Stroller that Maximizes on your Baby’s Comfort

There are quite a number of features that do emphasize on comfort. First of all, best jogging strollers are characterized by larger pneumatic tires that are air filled. The larger wheel tends to roll over bumps easier and as a result transmits less stress to the baby. The air filled property also reduces the impact of bumps by taking shock out rather than into the stroller.

A perfect jogging stroller should have a long distance in between the wheels. This allows the front wheel to be pushed far away from the baby’s center of gravity. Asa result, the front wheel bounces easily while transferring less pressure to the baby.
Effective suspension systems together with a reclined seat angle are other properties that emphasize on the comfort of your baby. A suspension system acts as a shock absorber while a reclined seat angle allows pressure to be absorbed over larger reclined surface area.

Look for Jogging Stroller that Maximizes on Safety

Some of the key features that provide safety in a double jogging stroller include: 5 point harness, parking brake, safety tether and a canopy.
A 5-point-harness is a feature that is used for holding the baby securely into place. The harness should be able to go over both baby’s shoulders, hips and in between the legs. A safety tether on the other hand is a strap in which one end is worn to the waist and the other is attached to the stroller. The purpose of the tether is to prevent the stroller from rolling away from you.
A parking brake is a safety feature that keeps your stroller in place during stops. Canopy on the other hand works by protecting your baby from direct sunlight and potential head winds.

Look Out for Storage Space

Double jogging strollers are large enough to accommodate two babies at the same time. However, it is important to ensure that the large size of the stroller does not limit the storage space. Going out with a baby is never simple; one is usually required to carry an entire battle gear. These include wipes, diapers, change of clothes and other fitting accessories. It is therefore important to ensure that your stroller provides you with an adequate storage space.

Look Out for Optional Accessories

There are some accessories that might prove to be useful. One of them is the handlebar console. It allows toddlers to place snacks or water bottles to the stroller. Different manufactures have different sets of accessories. You can only check them out by doing an extensive research.
Final Remarks

A double jogging stroller can be really beneficial to an athletic parent. It is the most versatile and high performing stroller in the market. If you thinking of buying a new stroller: your first choice should be the double jogging baby stroller.


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