The Best Double Jogging Stroller – 3 Features Need to Check

A double jogging stroller is the choice of those who quickly get tired of long boring hours of walking around the house with their babies. Some just surrender and hire a nanny. Those with the strongest spirit buy a jogging stroller. Not only does it make baby-sitting far more exciting. Running with a stroller moves your training to the next level, actively involving body and hands. When I jog with my two boys, I often change hands to compensate for the imbalance.

What’s a jogging stroller?

Jogging strollers are different from conventional ones by having 3 large and hollow wheels, with a fixable front wheel, advanced shock absorbers and child fixing systems, a handbrake on the handle. Nearly all doubleĀ stroller reviews are equipped with seat belts that help not to lose control of the stroller, even when your hand accidentally slips off the handle. Today the most popular are hybrid strollers, which are suitable both for runs, and for daily use. They have a large bag, a stroller easily folds (sometimes even with one hand) and weighs a little.

Double Stroller Reviews

How to jog with a stroller?

Jogging technique with a stroller slightly differs from a solo run: normally you run on the side of a stroller, pushing it with one hand and changing hands during the run. On slopes you push a jogging stroller with two hands. The handle’s height should be selected based on how tall you are. For jogging with a baby it’s better to choose not very crowded track without borders: it will be hard to maneuver among people.

Does it suit for two babies?

Yes, it does, and I run with my two boys almost every evening. The first thing you should bear in mind if you want to jog with your babies is that it will be physically difficult. Two babies are twice as heavier than one, and even my boys are only 14-month, jogging with them turns out to be a hard training. Anyway, you get used to it and then you may start to fully enjoy fitness with your kids. 3 features to check when choosing a double jogging stroller When it comes to your babies the first thing you’d like to be sure of is their safety. So, when choosing a double jogging stroller, check its overall robustness and the presence of safety belts. The second feature is the weight of a stroller: don’t forget that you going to jog with it with your kids inside. So ideally try it with your babies. It should be as light as possible (but still robust). The third feature is the possibility of everyday use. If it suits for normal walks, you may avoid buying another stroller. Conclusion Buying a double jogging stroller may be a good way to diversify your babysitting practices, while keeping fit. To have maximum pleasure from the purchase, you need to pay attention to three key features: it should be safe for you and your children, have a small weight and be as multipurpose as possible, so that you don’t need to buy another stroller.


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