Top 5 Double Jogging Stroller Review

Introduction Today, one of the most popular name that comes up when we talk about jogging strollers is the In-step double jogging stroller. Priced reasonably at $148 to $350, this double stroller review caters to different and jogging needs of the mom.

Double Stroller Review






Before deciding on a unit, let us explore the possible options-instep Suburban Safari Double Jogging Stroller The key advantage in this model is its one hand fold design that makes it easy to fold and keep. It is easy to push and maneuver even on tight corners because of its 12 inch front swivel wheel. You will have no problem even on rough surfaces.

This model however is best used not for intensive jogging but for brisk walking or long walks. Seats are not overly reclined. Extra features include canopy, bug mesh and large under seat basket-instep Safari Swivel Double Jogging Stroller Made of strong steel, this model can carry a maximum of 100 lbs. Since it has the standard safety features of five point harness and parking brake, mothers are more confident in taking their babies along on their jogging. It has quick release 16 inch rear wheels for tough terrain and a 12 inch front swivel wheel for maneuverability. Reclining seats have removable pads for easy maintenance.

Other features include protective canopy, kids grab bar, under seat basket, padded handle and parent tray-instep Ultra Runner 2 Double Jogging Stroller This In-step double jogging stroller is the perfect choice for real runners. The light frame and well spaced rear wheels are built to ensure ease of use while on a full run while maintaining stability. The wheels are air filled which help guarantee smooth rides even in fast paced movement over rough terrain. The front wheel is not the swivel type which is a perfect option for people who are long distance runners. You probably don’t need a swivel wheel if you plan to go on long, straight paths. The handbrake is a great safety feature addition to put your mind at ease on fast descents-instep Run Around 2 Double Jogging Stroller This is a good option for general use The front wheel does not swivel though so the model is more suited to walks along parks or smooth wide areas.

It has air filled wheels, rear suspension, rear mesh venting and a hand operated brake for comfortable, safe rides. Other features include canopy, parent console, behind seat storage, under seat storage and padded handle bar.In-step Run Around LTD 2 Double Jogging Stroller you are after comfort, this model should be your top consideration. Kids will love the vented cabin, reclining seat, rear suspension, canopy and fold down visor. Parents too will not find it a pain to use this stroller with its padded bar, parent tray, under seat basket, easy folding frame, quick release wheels, handbrake and tether. Final Verdict These double jogging strollers from In-step obviously cater to different priorities of moms and kids.

Asa general rule, you should find out first what you plan to use a double jogger for Finding out if you are a runner, a walker or just a general user can help you pick the right stroller.


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