About Us

My name is Mariana, and I’m a mother of a a pair of year previous boy and a infant woman. once pregnant with my son, I became deeply curious about the globe of baby gear. I researched everything from bottles to cribs and everything in between. I started off serving to mothers like ME with queries they’d on sure merchandise I’ve owned or researched and before I knew it – I had dozens folks of individuals e-mailing ME from all round the world! I had countless people asking regarding a similar merchandise, so i made a decision to form a blog with the maximum amount information I could possibly give about the products I’m often asked about! i like doing what I do. My opinions are honest and real. For example, once reviewing a stroller, i exploit it with my kids daily for a number of weeks. Wherever we go, the stroller comes with America. All opinions area unit coming back from AN honest mother of 2, World Health Organization has no time to subsume a tough to handle harness, or a non accessible basket. getting the correct baby gear for your specific everyday desires will prevent countless time and headaches, and I’d love to help you choose what’s right for you and your lifestyle!

Feel free to drop a comment, or contact me on the contact page for any queries on something you may have! Nothing is silly or stupid – I’m here to help!


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